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About Michael’s Teaching Philosophy

Unleash Your Child’s Artistic Potential with Michael Gallagher’s Private Art Lessons

Welcome to a Transformative Journey in Art:

Hello! I’m Michael Gallagher, inviting you to open a world of creativity for your child through my private art lessons. With my Yale MFA, countless national and international exhibitions, artwork featured in esteemed museums like The Guggenheim, Metropolitan, and Smithsonian, and over a decade of teaching from K-12 to college level, I offer a rich blend of passion and expertise to nurture your child’s artistic talents.

Art Classes Beyond the Ordinary:

My classes redefine art as a transformative journey that enhances personal growth and uncovers hidden strengths. We venture beyond simple techniques to encourage each student to find their unique voice, making their thoughts and feelings visible through art. We see art as a powerful key that can unlock creativity, foster innovative thinking, and celebrate individuality.

A Tailored Learning Experience:

We start from the foundational elements of art – color, form, line, shape, space, texture, and value. As we delve deeper, our journey transcends technical skills and embraces the emotional and human aspects of art, fostering empathy and self-expression. Each student is unique, and I tailor my teaching strategies to spark individual growth, respecting their learning style and encouraging independence.

Nurturing Environment, Lifelong Learning:

My approach is built on creating a nurturing environment where students, regardless of their skill level, feel free to express their artistic whims. I aim to instill a deep-seated love for learning, nourishing the curiosity that fuels lifelong exploration and growth.

Your Child’s Transformative Journey:

In essence, I guide students on a transformative journey through art. They learn not only to create but also to see the world differently, cultivating a lifelong relationship with art, filled with curiosity, passion, and respect. Enroll your child in my classes and watch them flourish as they embark on this enriching, inspiring journey. Their artistic adventure starts here.

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